You can call me Count.

The summing of words. Does that sound bland? Well, it shouldn’t, because there is pattern behind everyone’s writing. And if you’re finished counting the words, and have got a small moment to spend, you can look a little further, and maybe discover you’ve got the same writing style as a genius.

Count Wordsworth allows you to go a little further than the simple ‘Word Count’. He can count the number of sentences, the number of characters, your average word length, your average sentence length, the number of common clichés you used, your paragraphs (and their average word lengths), and probably other things as well.

Keep an eye out for new features and updates – the Count has only just arrived, he’ll need some time to settle in.

Here’s a quick sample of what he does best:


G.K Chesterton
(based on his essay: ”The Advantages of Having One Leg”)
21.52 words per sentence.
4.41 letters per word.
280 words per paragraph.




January 30, 2013