Test Writing for Gramatical First Person, Second Person and Third Person

Count Wordsworth can now give an estimate of the grammatical person of your text sample. It gives the estimate as 3 percentages – 1 for each person.

Using a small sample from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, we get the following:

36% First person, 24% Second person, 38% Third person

From this we might deduce that 38% of his novel is narration, and 62% is due to character dialogue. Silly deduction? Probably.

Let’s look at Wikipedia.

25% First person, 0% Second person, 75% Third person.

That’s from the article about words. This if from the article about cake.

0% First person, 0% Second person, 100% Third person

Obviously cake is a less subjective thing.

Have a play around with that, and while you’re at it, send us a suggestion for another stat (or improvements about the current ones) – there’s half a chance that we’ll implement it. Grammatical person was actually a user suggestion, and we’ve put it together and shipped it out within a few days, so if you’re itching to find the number of conjugated verbs or abstract nouns or past progressive monkeys in your text – let us know!






May 1, 2013