Online Word Frequency Analyser!

Yep, Count Wordsworth just acquired a neat new feature. You can now count the number of each word in your text!

We just tested it out on Genesis  from the Christian Bible and we’ve got some interesting bible word-statistics for you:

    1. “he” is written 644 times, while “she” occurs 166 times
    2. “behold” occurs more commonly than “there”, “as”, “went” and “we”
    3. More than 0.1% (that’s a lot) of the words are “seven” – it occurs more times than “if”, “at” and “is”

And a copy/paste of the text statistics:

1 cliché
163974 characters
27.37 words per sentence
3.87 letters per word
1465 sentences
155118 alphanumeric characters
5953 prepositions
1584 paragraphs
2868 articles
25.31 words per paragraph
111.93 letters per sentence
48.04 syllables per sentence
1.76 syllables per word
70378 syllables, total

Interestingly, the ‘words per sentence’ is relatively high, while the ‘syllables per word’ is quite low.

Anywho, try it out, tell us what you think!

P.S. New features on the way very soon!

April 27, 2013