Dev Post: New Additions

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be adding a ‘whole bunch’ of new word metrics to Count Wordsworth, as well as some fun little sharing tool so you can show your friends how close you are to finishing that essay. On top of that I’m looking to the idea of databasing the writing statistics of well known and classical writers and using the database to find  a percentage-likeness for each classical writer and then showing you the top three (with their respective percentages). So that’ll be grand.

Things on the list to add:

  • Characters per sentence
  • Syllables per word (approximation)
  • Syllables per sentence (approximation)
  • ‘Share My Stats’-type button (via twitter)
  • Some nice graphics
  • General layout design


If you’ve got any ideas or feedback, you can get to me via or via twitter @josephrocca.

April 16, 2013