Dale-Chall Easy Word List Text File

This took a little too long to procure and refine, so in an attempt to make it easier for future internet goers to find the Dale-Chall word list, we’ve put it into a text file and uploaded it here:


If you’re wondering what this post is about, you can read up on it here. tl;dr: it’s for the Dale-ChallĀ  readability formula – a formula which tells you how ‘readable’ your writing is.

June 25, 2013

2 responses to Dale-Chall Easy Word List Text File

  1. KM said:

    I have noticed this list contains 2950 words instead of 3000. I have looked everywhere on the internet and every other source that I can find only contains 2950. Is this because they simply rounded the list up to 3000, or are there missing words in all of the online lists?

    • josephrocca said:

      Amazing! I just checked 2 more sources and they were 50 short also – and there’s a programming library that shows a word list explicitly going to 2950, rather than 3000. Seems like they’ve just rounded the number as you said. Good spotting!