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Dale-Chall Easy Word List Text File

This took a little too long to procure and refine, so in an attempt to make it easier for future internet goers to find the Dale-Chall word list, we’ve put it into a text file and uploaded it here:… continue reading »

Word Count in Microsoft Word 2010

Hey there! You might have found this word counting tool while you were actually looking for the word count in Microsoft Word. If so, here it is:     If you’d like to know how many clichés, words per sentence,… continue reading »

Test Writing for Gramatical First Person, Second Person and Third Person

Count Wordsworth can now give an estimate of the grammatical person of your text sample. It gives the estimate as 3 percentages – 1 for each person. Using a small sample from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, we get the following:… continue reading »

Online Word Frequency Analyser!

Yep, Count Wordsworth just acquired a neat new feature. You can now count the number of each word in your text! We just tested it out on Genesis  from the Christian Bible and we’ve got some interesting bible word-statistics for you: “he”… continue reading »

Dev Post: New Additions

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be adding a ‘whole bunch’ of new word metrics to Count Wordsworth, as well as some fun little sharing tool so you can show your friends how close you are to finishing… continue reading »

Average sentence lengths of famous novels and authors.

Below is a short list of some famous novels and authors with their respective writing statistics. Keep in mind that a few of these are translations of foreign-language novels, so the statistics will not be perfect for those. With that… continue reading »

What is a good average sentence length?

In a hurry? Want the short answer? Scroll straight to the bottom. As a bit of a science kid in middle school, I tended to stay away from writing as much as I could. When the time came for an essay, I… continue reading »

You can call me Count.

The summing of words. Does that sound bland? Well, it shouldn’t, because there is pattern behind everyone’s writing. And if you’re finished counting the words, and have got a small moment to spend, you can look a little further, and… continue reading »